The spirit of wine has been passed down the generations from the great grand-father to Alain.

François Signorait


Marie Signorait

Isaure Robin nee Signorait

Aramis Robin


Raymonde Roses nee Robin

Marc Roses


Bernard Roses

Alain Roses


Our Family History:

Château Haut-Bellevue has no grand edifice to show, but simply a charming sandstone house, legacy of the union of the SIGNORET and ROBIN-ROSES families.

The saga of this vineyard began with François SIGNORAIT at the end of the XIXth  century with his one acre of land. Hardly a gold mine – he had to sell his labour on neighbouring farms to survive.

Alain has inherited from his great grand-father, grand-father and also his father, Marc, the frank outlook of those men who know how much they owe to Mother Nature and the terroir of their land. Already, as a teenager, when anyone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answered, “a wine-grower”. Conscious of his heritage at an early age, he never wished to live anywhere but amongst his own family’s vines. Alain Roses learnt more of growth cycles and the like in the heart of the Médoc vineyards than in text books. After Agricultural College in Blanquefort, the child of the vineyard never felt more in his element than when on the family estate.

His older brother, Bernard, preferred the industrial sector for his career. However there is a ritual that Bernard wouldn’t miss for the world : the Harvest. A moment of  brotherly complicity for both men as they share in the hard work, and the ultimate communion with the fruit of the vines…

In 1986, Alain takes on the management of the vineyard alone. Château Haut-Bellevue is equipped with a new modern vinification cellar and barrel-ageing cellar in 1991. The vines are not neglected however, and certain plots are re-planted. The grape varieties chosen for each plot are modified to bring out the best expression possible of the Lamarque ‘terroir’.

Since the re-classification in June 2003, Château Haut - Bellevue has been awarded the title of Cru Bourgeois.

Alain and his wife, Corinne,  live out their passion for their wine , making it known throughout the world.....